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The following enhancements are needed to allow storing and rendering of time-based information in OpenHistoricalMap.

  1. Enhance the iD and The_Rails_Port so that a javascript time/date slider can be added to control the time period that is of interest.
  1. Enhance the ID and The_Rails_Port so that meta-data hooks are added to the code that allow for custom deployments of both software. The intent is to support their use as dedicated user interfaces to certain applications (such as medieval walking path editing) while still using a generic data source.
  1. Modify the Mapnik tile renderer to handle Key:start_date and Key:end_date.

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Thanks for taking the time to report this!

Pardon my missing knowledge, but what is OpenHistoricalMap?

(In reply to Susanna Ånäs from comment #0)

  1. Enhance the iD and The_Rails_Port
  2. Modify the Mapnik tile renderer

Which codebase does this refer to, speaking in terms of repositories on (or elsewhere)?

Andre, see . From what i learned there, it's an effort to make historical maps using OpenStreetMap technology, but an entirely separate database.

Although I expect the MediaWiki community will be working more with OpenStreetMap in the future (e.g. bug 33980), I don't think any of the projects you mentioned are tracked on our Bugzilla.

Please consider filing these requests at , , and .

It may also help to bring this up on OpenStreetMap-related mailing lists.

Thank you for good comments and added info!

This bug is also related to the entry in the Google Summer of Code, where OpenHistoricalMap and Wikimaps provide a joint development opportunity.

We are working to get coordinated around these working environments, pardon for slow start!

muninn.project wrote:

Will get going on getting people involved shortly.

jaimelynschatz wrote:

I'd love to help with this. I'm preparing a project proposal as part of the FOSS OPW Internship (a sister, you could say, of GSoc, aimed at women and not necessarily University students.) I will have a first draft linked here no later than Thursday 10pm UTC.

jaimelynschatz wrote:

(In reply to JaimeLyn from comment #5)

I'd love to help with this.

As promised:

Feedback welcome and appreciated!

Hi Jaime, I'm trying to find out whether you have completed any microtask as part of the OPW application process.

If you have, please share the link here, and also in your row at

Thank you.

muninn.project wrote:


Someone has suggested that the postgresql based temporal extension. Can you have a look at it to see if we can integrate it with the normal OSM tools?

jaimelynschatz wrote:

The TIMESTAMPTZ object in Temporal shiuld solve the pre-Unix time problem. I've been looking through all the code I can find for ID, Mapnik and The Rails Port and I stunt see yet where it would fit in, but I think it's me, not Temporal. I'm going to keep digging through tonight.

What is the status of this project? FOSS OPW round 8 is finished, and we are still missing the required final blog post. Or at least I could not find it.

Please wrap up your project properly, documenting what was done and what was left pending.

jaimelynschatz wrote:

My apologies for the delay, @Qgil. Everything I put on hold over the summer to work on OPW came crashing down around me this month. Such is life!

My wrap-up blog post:

My final report:

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