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[Interlanguage links] Provide a way to enable compact links with ULS in "personal" position
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As a user of Wikimedia Commons (or another wiki witth interwiki links which places the trigger in the personal tools for higher visibility), I'd like to see the 15 millions interwiki links Commons contains in a prettier way, enjoying the compact interlanguage links.

Pau, what problems were there with the previous implementation which was completely removed in ?

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(In reply to Pau Giner from bug 62362 comment #4)

Currently the ULS position is used as a conservative way to make sure the
feature only applies to wikis where we are sure interlanguage links exist.
We can also consider to base this logic on $wgInterwikiMagic
$wgHideInterlanguageLinks instead to both list and activate the feature only
on wikis with interlanguage links support.

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, disabling the feature if either $wgInterwikiMagic is false or $wgHideInterlanguageLinks is true would be much better.

FYI, this is currently true only for chapter wikis among WMF-hosted wikis.

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