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Allow translated special page name to be the same as canonical name, with case difference
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Tried adding the Swedish translation "Prefixindex" to the special page "PrefixIndex" at Special:AdvancedTranslate

Steps to Reproduce:
0. Log in to

  1. Go to
  2. Add "Prefixindex" as Swedish translation
  3. Go to end of page and click "save"

Actual Results:
Get the message:

''Translation '''Prefixindex''' for [ Prefixindex] is not in normalised form, which is '''PrefixIndex'''''

Expected Results:
Prefixindex to be added as the Swedish localised version of PrefixIndex

Reproducible: Always

Although the case-differing name works case normalisation to the canonical form still happens. Localized versions should be possible and have precedence, even if they coincide (up to differing case) with canonical ones.

See also discussion at

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: leteam?



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Special:AdvancedTranslate has not been use in years. This is a valid request though, for whatever replacement may come in the future, so not marking as declined.