VisualEditor: Advanced transclusion editor for complex templates eats parameters
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If you have a complex transclusion (e.g., a succession box), and you try to rearrange the order of the items, and if one or more of those items is a template that contains a parameter, then some or all of the parameter-containing templates will silently disappear.

See for complaints.

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Severity: normal


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Tested it in test2.

"Example: here all I did was use the "up" button four times: "up" the lowest "content", "up" the lowest s-aft, "up" the lowest "content" again, try to "up" the lowest s-aft again. Result when you want to save it: the s-aft has simply vanished :-)"

It was non-reproducible - either the issue is resolved or I am not inventive enough :( I'd like someone else to take a look at the issue - hence I've assigned some priority to it.

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