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Proofread page status in index page does not match individual page status for some pages
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Author: arjunaraoc

On Telugu Wikisource,

the individual page status is not reflected in the index page for some of the pages.

For the index page , all individual pages are set to validated status, but the index page display only reflects green for the recently validated pages.

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Tpt added a comment.Mar 9 2014, 4:07 PM

It's because the system message MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_quality4_category has been changed from "ఆమోదించబడ్డవి" to "ఆమోదించబడిన" in the default translation. If you want, you can override this change by replacing content of by "ఆమోదించబడ్డవి".

In order to fix the color issue for a given page, the simplest way is to do an empty edit of the Page: page (it won't create a new revision but will fully update caches).

I clause the bug as "invalid" as it isn't a bug in the extension but feel free to ask here if you need some help.

arjunaraoc wrote:

Thanks Tpt. I have reverted the change to message and then updated one of the problematic page with empty edit and the problem is solved. I think the tool needs some improvement so that it is not dependent on the localised message. You may consider changing this bug to a feature request.

Tpt added a comment.Mar 11 2014, 8:53 AM

There is already bug 55340 that would solve the issue.

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