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Integrate SocialProfile with Echo
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This enhancement suggestion is coming from what was posted here:

It would be good if SocialProfile was able to integrate with Echo (notifications) if the wiki is using Echo. This could allow for SocialProfile notifications to be included, such as:

  • "User1 sent you a gift"
  • "You earned the ______ award"
  • "Your user level is now 'Lieutenant'"
  • "User1 added you as a friend"
  • "User1 added you as a foe"
  • "User1 left you a message on your board"

Others could be added, or some of those listed above don't have to be used-- they're just suggestions. :)

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Severity: enhancement

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Extension:Comments and Extension:WikiForum should be integrated with Echo as well. Should they be added as a separate task in the Social-Tools project, or continue to just use this task?

Separate tasks, we can create a tracking task later if nessesary.

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Seems that our Korean friends at WikiChan (namely GitHub user ikasty) have implemented some Echo support in their fork of SocialProfile (see this pull request for details):

The code isn't perfect (though obviously better than anything I've been able to come up with :P) and needs some slight cleanup, but it's GPLv2-licensed, just like SocialProfile, and the WikiChan fork is maintained.

cc'ing @UltrasonicNXT for comments on this.

If that code is functional, regardless of the code's cleanliness currently, I wouldn't oppose adding it to Brickimedia production wikis to test it and gather feedback from users.

Change 278868 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jack Phoenix):
[WIP] Initial Echo integration and replacement of old AJAX stuff with API modules, based on ikasty's code

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Change 278868 merged by Lewis Cawte:
Initial Echo integration, based on ikasty's code

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