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Flow: serialize UUID objects as strings
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Serialized UUID objects (like how they're currently saved to DB in some places) looks like:

string 'O:15:"Flow\Model\UUID":4:{s:14:"�*�binaryValue";s:11:"\x05\x12ÆjJ^9'm¾“";s:11:"�*�hexValue";s:22:"0512c66a4a5e39276dbe93";s:20:"�*�alphadecimalValue";N;s:12:"�*�timestamp";N;}' (length=169)

We could implement a sleep & wakeup to serialize them into something more compact, thus saving (some) DB space & bandwith.

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Change 123689 had a related patch set uploaded by Matthias Mullie:
Serialize UUID into something more compact

Change 123689 merged by jenkins-bot:
Serialize UUID into something more compact

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