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Code hygiene: Having a KeepGoingOverlay and KeepGoingDrawer is confusing
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Both look identical making development on this feature hard. Let's get this JavaScript code consolidated.

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Fixing this bug means deciding what we want to do with the random campaign feature. If we're keeping it, we consolidate the code. If we're not keeping it, we ditch the KeepGoingDrawer and let the KeepGoingOverlay remain relatively simple.

bingle-admin wrote:

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The random feature came out of the fact the KeepGoingDrawer was a generic reusable component, it seems KeepGoingOverlay is less generic now so that's why it isn't using it.

I think regardless of whether we keep the random feature this would be a good exercise for future developments using the keep going overlay (also I think the KeepGoingOverlay name is a bit misleading - KeepGoingOverlayDrawer sounds more descriptive).

KeepGoingDrawer doesn't exist anymore.