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Media Viewer doesn't trigger on Flow-enabled talk pages
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The markup for the image is

<figure class="mw-default-size" typeof="mw:Image/Thumb" data-parsoid="{&quot;optList&quot;:[{&quot;ck&quot;:&quot;thumbnail&quot;,&quot;ak&quot;:&quot;thumb&quot;}],&quot;dsr&quot;:[0,57,2,2]}"><a href="./File:Flow-echo_notices_need_longer_excerpts.png" data-parsoid="{&quot;a&quot;:{&quot;href&quot;:&quot;./File:Flow-echo_notices_need_longer_excerpts.png&quot;},&quot;dsr&quot;:[2,55,null,null]}"><img resource="./File:Flow-echo_notices_need_longer_excerpts.png" src="//" height="185" width="220" data-parsoid="{&quot;a&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;./File:Flow-echo_notices_need_longer_excerpts.png&quot;,&quot;height&quot;:&quot;185&quot;,&quot;width&quot;:&quot;220&quot;},&quot;sa&quot;:{&quot;resource&quot;:&quot;File:Flow-echo notices need longer excerpts.png&quot;}}"></a></figure>

figure[typeof=mw:Image/Thumb] img seems like a good selector to match these. We would need to refactor MultimediaViewerBootstrap.processThumb a bit since too much of the current thumb markup is hardcoded in the logic.

Thanks for the analysis. Parsoid produces the markup. Flow has a bug 61786 to style that HTML better (borders and Enlarge/magnify icon).

More notes from Gergő's on this:

  • MultimediaViewerHooks::getModulesForArticle() - this checks if the image has any articles at all. It uses $out->getFileSearchOptions(), dunno if that works with Flow. If not, you need to add another exception like the one we have for file pages.
  • processThumb() in mmv.bootstrap.js - this is the that selects the actual images from the DOM.
  • MultimediaViewerHooks::thumbnailBeforeProduceHTML() adds size information to images and createNewImage() in mmv.js reads it back. Images without size information will still work, but having that information there makes the viewer more performant.
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