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Redo 'versions' for the Wikipedia app component
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Currently it lists individidual versions of the old Android app. This is fairly useless at the moment, since the reboot. I propose we replace it with:

  1. Legacy app
  2. Android (alpha)
  3. Android (stable)
  4. iOS (alpha)
  5. iOS (stable)

This I think is enough level of detail for us to work with without being too cluttery.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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Garr. Versions. My eyes! Sorry.

For the records, current stats:

Version                 Number of tickets
1.0.0 (Android)               395
1.0.1 (Android)                 0
1.0.2 (Android)                 0
1.0.3 (Android)                 1
1.1.1 (Android)                20
3.1.0 (iOS) / 1.1 (Android)    60
3.1.1 (iOS)                    44
3.1.2 (iOS)                     4
3.2 (iOS) / 1.2 (Android)     139
Beta (Android)                  0
Beta (iOS)                      2
Unspecified                   154

If we deleted versions, the version would need to be set to something else.
So I propose instead that we just disable the creation of new tickets with those versions set - should be way less disruptive. Means: The tickets keep their current Version value, but new tickets cannot be filed against that Version value.

Will they show up on the 'Versions' list?

Well, which "Versions" list? :) Not on enter_bug.cgi or show_bug.cgi (except for the version set), but yes on query.cgi.

Yeah, that's good enough I think :)

Done; see e.g.

Yuvi: I'd appreciate if you could set the Version field for those open tickets that have none yet so queries by version will include everything:

There are also Target Milestones: "1.1 release" and "1.2 release" - should I disable them or might they still be used?