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Install DynamicPageList2 on Japanese Wikinews
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Author: Aphaia

Japanese Wikinews want to introduce DynamicPageList2 on Japanese Wikinews
instead of DynamicPageList currently applied. This request was discussed on the
project and have consensus, without dissent. To controll site appearance
effectively, the JAWN community came to conclusion some DynamicPageList2 are
necessary for the project.

If there is necessary security review or any other things which must be
resolved, please let us know how many days or months we have to wait.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Why would there be a "2" instead of just an upgrade?

wikipedia01 wrote:

Because we don't know whether the coming upgrade of DynamicPageList is going to
have the new functions that DynamicPageList already has. If it'll have them, we
can wait it, I think.

Aphaia wrote:

I share that question with Brion honestly ;-)
Erik showed us DPL2 as was, not simple upgrade, he had a reason assumedly but I
don't know why.

As for us we Japanese Wikinewsies are interested in its some new features
specially allowing logical multiplication ("or" function), and at that point it
would be same for us either just an upgrade or 2 - as relation between what one
calls roses and what scants rose fregrance.

DPL2 will never be installed as per bug 8672 (marked WONTFIX)