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search within pages doesn't take you to search result page
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Stubsorting article "Oldbridge" I wanted to check for othr articles which should have had disambiguation hatnote but could not do so. The text "search within pages" apears but is not clickable.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Mobile beta view on Android

Expected Results:
I want to be able to "search" rather than "go".

Reproducible: Didn't try

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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bingle-admin wrote:

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Previous report was input from mobile - not an easy job, using the "desktop" screen on a small smartphone.

In case I wasn't clear: I wanted to look for other articles with titles including "Oldbridge", to see if there was a need for any hatnote or dab page. I couldn't: all search attempts led me to the one article with title "Oldbridge". (Doing a full search on desktop, I see there aren't, but might well have been).

Not being able to do a proper search from mobile view seems part of a pattern of things which mobile editors aren't trusted to do, or expected to want to do. It seems impossible to create a new article, even a dab page to which I've just created a rednote in a hatnote (see "Polish Cup").

I haven't found a forum wherein to comment on the mobile view in general. It seems that "the system" looks at me differently, as a second-class citizen, when I'm using my phone to edit, though I'm the same person.

Can you please provide an example URL / weblink?

It does indeed look like "search within pages" is broken. This should take you to the search result page.

Pam you can discuss all sorts of mobile related things on the mobile-l mailing list

It looks like the problem is that the "Search in pages" link sends people to index.php?search=XXX, which ends up redirecting to XXX if that search string exists. We probably need to explicitly direct the query to Special:Search instead.

Change 123135 had a related patch set uploaded by Kaldari:
Make "Search in pages" perform a fulltext search

Change 123135 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make "Search in pages" perform a fulltext search