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Special:SearchTranslations won't edit messages that their next messages are disabled for a translation
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Author: dlmnc0d+xkrz5c

Steps to reproduce:
0. Find a message via Special:SearchTranslations that its next message is not for translation (but itself is enabled for translaton)

  1. Try make a change on that message
  2. It won't work

Sometimes the edit translation link just work as a hyperlink and would open the related message page. On that case you can middle click on the edit translation or open the previous editable message.

It reproduces on (click on third message edit, skip to next, edit the message, try to save the message, it won't work currently because next message is disabled for editing) but don't expect this link would work after a while because perhaps we would edit the messages listed after a while.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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dlmnc0d+xkrz5c wrote:

a sample situation the bug happens


AYUSH> Nemo_bis: here in this bug how i can make any particular message disable for translating?? i mean if i remove <translate> tag from any particular line in a page which is enabled for translating then that message wont appear in Special:translation.

I'm not sure what the reporter meant by disabled; sadly, due to migration from bugzilla we can't contact them. The example message was removed from translation when the entire message group was disabled, that is some months before this report.

So I guess the bug is that the message should have been removed from the SearchTranslations results when the message group was disabled? The reporter's conclusion that its presence caused T54702 seems to be an unverified guess.

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