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characterEditStats.php: allow --days > $wgRCMaxAge by using revision table
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As clarified in , the script uses RC, which limits time period available. It would be nice to fallback to revision table when needed, to further enhance T60440: Run characterEditStats.php regularly on Translate wikis and publish output somewhere.

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Change 213308 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nemo bis):
characterEditStats.php: allow using the revision table

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Change 295735 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nemo bis):
[WIP] Add custom query to characterEditStats.php when $wgRCMaxAge is too low

I am adding to the sprint since I already started working on this. I need review for the patch

Change 213308 abandoned by Nikerabbit:
characterEditStats.php: allow using the revision table

Ib830b6b888eb4fc048c4a3a74c30e82096a372c2 is a better one.

Timeboxed to: 22 August 2016

Change 295735 merged by jenkins-bot:
characterEditStats.php: simplify and support date ranges past $wgRCMaxAge

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