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Install git review on tools
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It was already installed on tools but due to the migration it's not there

It's a pretty necessary package for software development [1]



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Change 118595 had a related patch set uploaded by Tim Landscheidt:
Tools: Install packages git-review and joe

Change 118595 merged by Andrew Bogott:
Tools: Install packages git-review and joe

I need gerrit review in exec_environment (in order to be able to use it while using jsub)

It is already included in exec_environ (cf. and, indeed, it is installed on all exec nodes:

[tim@passepartout ~]$ pdsh -f 1 -w tools-exec-0[1-9].eqiad.wmflabs -w tools-exec-1[0-3].eqiad.wmflabs 'if dpkg-query -s git-review > /dev/null 2>&1; then echo Installed.; else echo Not installed.; fi'
tools-exec-01: Installed.
tools-exec-02: Installed.
tools-exec-03: Installed.
tools-exec-04: Installed.
tools-exec-05: Installed.
tools-exec-06: Installed.
tools-exec-07: Installed.
tools-exec-08: Installed.
tools-exec-09: Installed.
tools-exec-10: Installed.
tools-exec-11: Installed.
tools-exec-12: Installed.
tools-exec-13: Installed.
[tim@passepartout ~]$

I've had a look at your scripts and unfortunately they're too complicated to make a quick assessment why "git review" is failing. I do note however that you are trying to execute it from within Python via subprocess.Popen(), so I added a debug print of $PATH to and Please ping me in Cloud-Services when you get another failure.