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refactor "upload file" step to mediawiki_selenium gem
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I updated the MobileFrontend repo such that the there is a step "When(/^upload file (.+)$/) do |file_name|" that exactly matches the same step in the UploadWizard repo. The MobileFrontend version was broken in several ways, notably for Chrome.

There is also a step in the MobileFrontend repo "When(/^upload bogus file (.+)$/) do |file_name|" that should also probably move to shared gem.

Rather than duplicate code, we should put these identical steps in the shared steps of the mediawiki_selenium gem.

If we want to do further refactoring, we should do it in the mediawiki_selenium gem and not in the individual repos.

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Uploads code is gone from mobile, not sure if you guys want to add this to the selenium gem for future use.