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Decide on new url format for temporal mapnick tiles
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Author: muninn.project

Mapnick currently uses /x/y/z/ url formats for referencing tiles in displaying map layers. We need to add temporal information to this as a start/stop date with variable degrees of accuracy. What url format should we use?

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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jaimelynschatz wrote:

Would an /x/y/z/t/ be overkill? (Or completely overly complicated? I'm still figuring out everything here) The website goes into decimals for y and z at different degrees of granularity. Maybe we could do something similar for time? Current time (for today) would be approximately t=2014.2197 and, say, August 12, 30 BCE could be t=-30.6178.

Which codebase does this refer to?

muninn.project wrote:

Codebase is here:

I'm wrestling with the time description myself - I'm tempted to have a year only and full date mode to avoid having to parse corner case dates.

Alright, but there's a bugtracker: so I don't understand why there is a ticket in
If this ticket is about code outside of the mapnik codebase, which codebase does this ticket refer to? I'm slightly confused...

muninn.project wrote:

This has to do with FOSS Outreach[1] microtasks and is being tracked here for the time being.


(In reply to muninn.project from comment #5)

This has to do with FOSS Outreach[1] microtasks and is being tracked here
for the time being.

What is "the time being" exactly and what happens after this "time"?

My original question was where the codebase is located which needs to be patched to fix this ticket. Could you please answer this?

muninn.project wrote:

See comment #3.

In that case this report should be in instead of, because that's where its bugs are handled.
Proposing to close as INVALID here.

This discussion is a microtask for the selection process of the FOSS OPW internship, and will be closed as soon as the process in concluded. It must not be closed before that.

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