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Global user contributions: Implement Atom/RSS feed output format
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It would be nice to have a way to "stalk" a user's edits globally and guc seems the best way to do so. It could be used by users for themselves too, e.g. to post updates to social networks or whatever; or just by the "talk page stalker" kind and other kinds of wiki "followers" of someone's crosswiki endeavours.

Probably depends on T64914. I also assume it only queries the wikis where the user has edit count > 0, because it seems much faster for users who only ever edited few wikis rather than hundreds.

See Also: T64915: [recentlogs] Add Atom/RSS feeds



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What is guc and where to find it?

What is guc and where to find it?

Our Global user contributions tool is at

This kind of feature would be nice, and I support the general direction.

However in the form of the current tool I don't see this work. It is too slow and too limited (20 entries per wiki) to be of good use in an RSS reader, I think.

Instead, this is the kind of feature that becomes possible if/when we store contributions in a central database for efficient querying, not in the current workaround.,