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<ref> in template parameter exposes UNIQ string on preview
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In the infobox template for a region, inserting a ref in this variable:

area_rank = 212th<ref>Including [[Rose Atoll]] and [[Swains Island]]</ref>

Generates this preview output in the infobox:


With 212th linked as expected, and the UNIQ...QINU string linked to "#cite_note-1" as expected. Tested on w:en:American_Samoa.

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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Template:Infobox country contains:

{{#if:{{{area_rank|}}} |&#32;([[List of countries and dependencies by area|{{{area_rank}}}]]) }}

So this looks like bug 25417.
You can bypass this by adding a new parameter maybe named area_rank_ref and add it behind the wikilink, if set.

Is this a duplicate of T37438: <ref> tag in templates causes UNIQ? Is this even a thing in current versions of MediaWiki?