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Nosetests / codecoverage packages missing from wikimetrics' setup
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When installing wikimetrics through vagrant, nosetests and codecoverage are not
installed per default. So one cannot run the nosetests due to missing

Can we install nosetests/codecoverage in vagrant's wikimetrics role?

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Nuria added a comment.Mar 24 2014, 1:05 PM

I believe vagrant roles do not setup testing infrastructure for roles via puppet. You are expected to pip install nose. At least that is the case in the roles I have installed.

I am not sure this is a bug.

(In reply to nuria from comment #1)

You are expected to pip install nose.

Then the bug is that this necessary step is not documented anywhere :-)

(In reply to christian from comment #2)

Then the bug is that this necessary step is not documented anywhere :-)

Rubbish, Christian!

No need to change the documentation, when we can fix the install procedure and
install nosetests, and codecoverage. Thereby making wikimetrics development

(As I've been told that Andrew opposed, I asked him via email, and it turned
out that he does not oppose installing nosetests and codecoverage
to vagrant's wikimetrics role.)
So let's have nosetests and codecoverage installed in vagrant's wikimetrics
role. \o/

bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Mingle card

Just to keep track of what was said in private emails, one suggestion was to
turn the current $debug into something more generic:

$environment = ‘development’,
if $environment == ‘development’ {
    $debug = true
    exec { ‘install_wikimetrics_test_dependencies’:
else {
    $debug = false

This would cleanly replace code we have like the following:

if (debug)

  1. change some config setting X to Y

if (development)

  1. load development config, it already has X=Y
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Wikimetrics is being discontinued. See: T211835.

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