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Don't extract <translate> tags
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The <translate> tags used by Extension:Translate show up in a card's summary of a page (see attachment). They probably shouldn't.

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  • Bug 63040 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Can you add a screenshot? There is no attachment right now.

Created attachment 15090
screenshot of <translation> tag


Prateek, assigning this to you.

Moving to TextExtracts, since that is what handles the extracts.

In the future, file bugs about what text is displayed with TextExtracts, and what Images are displayed with PageImages.


Sorry, wasn't sure whether it was a bug in the extension or its incorrect usage in Popups.

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Is this fixed? I can't replicate it on If not could someone create a test case in their user namespace?

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Not fixed, just hit the same bug.

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@Jdlrobson, @phuedx - sounds like a good case for the generic popup.

This looks like it might be fixed now.

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Yes this is fixed.