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Allow aggregate groups with messages from multiple namespaces
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2014-03-25 18.15 <+Nikerabbit> aharoni: it tries to combine messages from two different namespaces
2014-03-25 18.15 < aharoni> Oh.
2014-03-25 18.15 < aharoni> Didn't know that it's a problem.
2014-03-25 18.16 <+Nikerabbit> aharoni: it shouldn't be but it is


2014-03-25 18.17 < aharoni> Nikerabbit: Basically, my idea - just in case it's not obvious - is to get people to translate all the messages that are required for full ULS functionality.
2014-03-25 18.17 <+Nikerabbit> aharoni: I understand
2014-03-25 18.18 < aharoni> Can you think of any way to achieve it?
2014-03-25 18.19 < aharoni> The first thing I think about is to move the uls component to the MediaWiki namespace, but of course it's incorrect semantically, and may simply fail because it's not Gerrit.

(IRC conversation pasted without permission, mentioned by Nikerabbit on bug 54279 comment 5.)

Version: master
Severity: trivial