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create a parsoid user in labs LDAP
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deployment-prep could use a unique identifier for the 'parsoid' user much like we did for 'l10nupdate' user (bug 62529).

UID/GID 605 is apparently free in LDAP.

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uid=605(parsoid) gid=605(parsoid) groups=605(parsoid)

Migrating parsoid user on deployment-parsoid04.eqiad.wmflabs

Thank you!

@Antoine: I'm curious why you need a specific UID/GID for Parsoid. The Debian package just uses names, and there is no need for a home dir.

On beta the Parsoid instance writes its logs to the shared directory in /data/project/parsoid which is a NFS server. I needed the same UID / GID to be used on the NFS server and the Parsoid instance.

The same goes for user apache, mwdeploy and l10nupdate which (may?) need to be consistent across instances since they end up writing their logs to /data/project/logs which is shared.

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!