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Move all "Talk:Cookbook:foo" pages to "Cookbook_talk:foo" at En wikibooks
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Author: kellen

The main namespace cookbook pages on wikibooks were migrated into their own
namespace ("Cookbook", 102). The talk pages did not recieve the same treatment.
This means that everything in the "Talk:" namespace with a name beginning with
"Cookbook:" should be migrated into the "Cookbook_talk:" namespace (103).

I wrote this sql statement to encode what I think needs to happen:
update cur set cur_namespace=103, cur_title=SUBSTRING(cur_title FROM 10) where
cur_namespace=1 and cur_title like 'Cookbook:%';

I was informed by hashar (i think) that the DB schema has changed, so this isn't
strictly valid, and also that there may be other sorts of updates that should
happen, but that should give you the gist of it.

We do not want to have to migrate these by hand or by bot since this is
something that can and should be fixed by a few SQL update statements, and
should probably be integrated into any namespace moves in the future.

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gangleri wrote:


changed summary to
Move all "Talk:Cookbook:foo" pages to "Cookbook_talk:foo" at En wikibooks

A namespace table is available at [[b:template:wikivar]]. The namespace
"Cookbook_talk:" itself is OK and does not require a fix.

This bug is just about moving some pages, adjust tables where these pages are
included (whatlinkshere, membership in categories etc.) and do this with a
script in the feature.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]