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Obey meaning of single "-" in MediaWiki:Privacy just as in desktop
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Perhaps if only MediaWiki:Privacy is found, use that instead of ignoring it or requiring the administrator to also maintain a separate identical mobile version.

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Jidanni created this task.Apr 2 2014, 1:13 PM

bingle-admin wrote:

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This makes complete sense. Can someone take the time to put a patch together?

Change 123886 had a related patch set uploaded by MaxSem:
Use core message instead of mobile-frontend-privacy-link-text

Change 123886 abandoned by MaxSem:
Use core message instead of mobile-frontend-privacy-link-text

The current behavior is actually correct. Messages displayed in different contexts should be separate messages (per the i18n engineers). It does look like there is a slight bug with how the disabled mobile-frontend-privacy-link-text is handled currently though. I'll go ahead and fix that.

If you want an easy way for a wiki administrator to turn on or off particular footer links (both on desktop and mobile), that should be handled by a configuration variable (which should be a new bug request). I know that is a clunky way to handle things right now, but that is the best way to implement it, especially since eventually we will actually have an admin interface for setting all those config vars in a user-friendly way.