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Shifting from UserMailer to Swift Mailer
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Tyler Romeo:

Swift_Mailer seems to be lot robust than PHP MailUser. "PHPMailer has everything packed into a few classes, whereas Swift_Mailer actually has a separation of concerns, with classes for attachments, transport types, etc. A result of this is that PHPMailer has two different functions for embedding multimedia: addEmbeddedImage() for files and addStringEmbeddedImage() for strings. Another example is that PHPMailer supports only two bodies for multipart messages, whereas Swift_Mailer will add in as many bodies as you tell it to since a body is wrapped in its own object. In addition, PHPMailer only really supports SMTP, whereas Swift_Mailer has an extensible transport architecture, and multiple transport providers. (And there's also plugins, and monolog integration, etc.)

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 3:10 AM
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Before implementing VERP functionality for MediaWiki, we need the public conscience on the migration, as VERP needs to be implemented as a plugin to SwiftMailer, if it needs to be.
Discussions till date:

Owen, I'm adding you to cc because is currently considered superseded by this bug. I hope this will be of use for Wikia too; if you have thoughts please share on this bug or on

Adding in the wikitech-i mails regarding this proposal. Looks like we need more feedback.

Change 135290 had a related patch set uploaded by 01tonythomas:
Shifted from PEAR/PHP mailer to Swift Mailer

Change 135290 abandoned by 01tonythomas:
Shifted from PEAR/PHP mailer to Swift Mailer

Abandoning in favour of I7de5a4228a34b2d56d5ed8f0d9e48a6066012e41. SwiftMailer has been moved to a new extension.

Consensus was that SwiftMailer should not go into core. WONTFIXing accordingly.

Tony has written [[mw:Extension:SwiftMailer]] as part of his GSoC project though.