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Don't visually group property values by property in qualifiers
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It doesn't always make sense to group property values by property in the qualifiers part of a statement.

For example, Marion Barry served two terms as mayor of Washington, D.C.

I expect each pair of property => value to be listed separately, in the order I entered and specified. That way, I can list

  • start date 1
  • end date 1
  • horizontal rule or border (optionally but not required)
  • start date 2
  • end date 2

Instead, it gets displayed ( as:

  • start date 1
  • start date 2
  • horizontal rule or border
  • end date 1
  • end date 2

Listing them separate is better.



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Do we really need to have this resolved? Such cases are normally handled by having the statement twice with different qualifiers.

Actually, I was wondering the same at first. From a UI perspective, adding the value twice seems to be more natural (resulting in that being the common scenario on Wikidata). Taking the perspective of querying, there would be reasons for that different concept though. Either way, the concept should be documented properly in the Wikibase software as it imposes a kind of standard about how users are assumed to use the software. Challenging that standard (which is, in a way, what this ticket does) may happen again.
Redialing @Lydia_Pintscher for evaluation.

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Those should clearly be two different statements.

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