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Windows renders Liberation Sans in very ugly way
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Liberation Sans Windows 7

After the last changes Liberation Sans precedes Arial in font-family for article body. It should not change anything on Windows, as it does not have Liberation Sans installed by default. However, it is not the case when someone uses LibreOffice. It installs Liberation Sans what results in Wikimedia pages being renders with this font.

Windows has significant problems with rendering Liberation Sans (Linux does it fine). Just take a look on screenshots attached. Letters are smudged and blurry. Reading is tiring for the eye. I use default ClearType settings, without any custom tuning.

Therefore, I would expect Liberation Sans not to being used on Windows, even when it is present in system.

Unfortunately, it would mean serving css file dynamically, basing on useragent header. Therefore, I think that the better way is to revert back font-family to the old setting (or place "Liberation Sans" after sans-serif at least).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 7
Platform: PC


Liberation.PNG (544×1 px, 111 KB)