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AbuseFilter *_links variables incorrect on item edits.
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The AbuseFilter variables added_links and removed_links don't seem to work (are always empty), also all_links seems to equal old_links. This is Wikibase specific, as it works with wikitext pages.

See Also:
T65255: check standard spam prevention features work in Wikibase



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This can be fixed by either making Wikibase hook into AbuseFilter's "AbuseFilter-interceptVariable" hook (that might get messy). Or by doing some more work on ContentHandler support in AbuseFilter (which is also going to be a pain, given the way AbuseFilter "works").

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I'm sorry, I'm pretty ignorant about wikidata. How exactly am I supposed to reproduce the problem? I tried here, but I'm unsure if that's right. If it is, then indeed we don't get _links variables.

Update: well, TBH I see some checks for ContentModel === Wikitext in the code used to retrieve links...