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Basic support for units in quantity datatype
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  • QuantityValue can hold a unit identifier
  • The DataType for quantities accepts URIs as units
  • It is possible to specify a unit URI for a quantity value in the API (wbeditentity, wbsetclaim, etc)

Out of scope:

  • UI widget for selecting units
  • localization of units
  • unit conversion

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Is there any news on this?

Update: We plan to enable it without conversion on and then get feedback if we should roll it out without conversion initially or not. We still need to make a few changes for that though.

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Change 177814 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daniel Kinzler):
Allow units to be specified for quantity values.


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Result of some discussion with Thiemo and Katie:

  • Units are represented as URIs (hashed or truncated for SimpleQuery indexing)
  • Per default (and on Wikidata), they should be Wikidata Item URIs (needs Validator).
  • Choices may or may not be limited to a fixed list
  • when parsing units directly from an input string, the full URI must be given.

Outside the scope of this task:

  • Units are selected using an EntitySelector (with a special option for "none"). The selected unit is passed as an option (using the same hack we use for Globe and Calendar).
  • Units are formatted (localized) using item labels. To provide a short form, these may be overwritten using message keys based on item IDs, e.g. something like wikibase-unit-symbol-Q828224, which would e.g. be "km" for English and "Км" for Russian. These could be populated from "unit symbol" statements on the respective item.
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Change 177814 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow units to be specified for quantity values.

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