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Text proportion is lost when zooming
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Author: dalilae

It is a new problem for Hebrew Wikipedia that started with the Typography Refresh in Vector.

To have a better interface and design.

(I'm using the vector). At each zoom the text changes. In headers text changes are irregular. In one zoom they are smaller than content or resemble content text. Here are some screenshots:

img: Zoom1-new-vers.png

Zoom1-new-vers.png (1×1 px, 83 KB)

h4 smaller then body text (content) - zoom lose of proportion.

img: Zoom2-new-vers.png

Zoom2-new-vers.png (1×1 px, 79 KB)

h3 seems like bold body text (content) - zoom lose of proportion.

img: Zoom1-pics_text_size_and_side_bar_text_size_-_new-vers.png

Zoom1-pics_text_size_and_side_bar_text_size_-_new-vers.png (1×1 px, 109 KB)

Pics text as body text, side bar buttons bit smaller. Compare to next zoom to see loss of proportion

img: Zoom2-pics_text_size_and_side_bar_text_size_-_new-vers.png

Zoom2-pics_text_size_and_side_bar_text_size_-_new-vers.png (1×1 px, 115 KB)

Pics text and side bar buttons are extra small, body text almost didn't change - compare to previous zoom to see loss of proportion (Zoom1-pics text size and side bar text size - new-vers).



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Thanks for taking the time to report this!

How is this related to OOjs? Also, what are exact steps to reproduce, which URL can the problem be seen on, and which browser, browser version and operating system do you use? (For general info, see [[mw:How to report a bug]])

dalilae wrote:

its not a private matter - its a collective complain, and not local, for all for URL just select a random article - i attached screenshots of this one: []
we havent got enough responses to narow it to one kinda browser or operating system. in general PC, different windows version, most use google chrome...

if thats not the place to report it, then could u pass them this file please (god i dont wanna fill these again). or direct me there?

dalilae wrote:

each file name indicates the changes its referring to. also exist in description. and for identifying the objects i marked them by annotations, so just press the 'View the annotations at Commons' button.
hope that helps,

dalilae wrote:

(in description specific details)

Only the first image has an annotation: "h4 smaller than content text".
Second only mentions what is h3 and h4 and the other two files have no annotations at all, so I don't know what the issues are in those files.
Also, which file is at which zoom level in which browser?
In general, clear steps to reproduce in a bug report, preferably via a list of steps, and comparing the expected outcome and the actual outcome, are very welcome.
I unfortunately have to admit that I am still mostly lost what the exact problem is - currently it seems to be "at some unknown zoom level in some unknown browser an h4 heading becomes smaller than the content text below" if I get things correctly? Or do I miss something?

dalilae wrote:

[]: zoom 175% - header 4 is same size as content font.
[] : zoom 150% and down, or 200% and up, h4 is smaller then content text (bold or not). the screenshot is of zoom 150%

beside that, file [] (150%) and [] (125%), r showing how side bar and pics text r loosing their properties. in 125% they r real small. i dono whats normal. in 100% everything is XXS.

dalilae wrote:

i hope that's enough cause i dono what else to add.

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I am not able to reproduce this issue if anyone able to reproduce can you please paste a picture of it?

Cannot reproduce. I'm assuming this was fixed on wiki using Common.css or by a new browser version. Please reopen if I have misunderstood the matter.