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Group pages by templates in list of file links on Image page
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File links section in Image pages should be consisted of a list that's just like
lists in Whatlinkshere pages. For example, if a template is using the image,
there should be a sublist for that template which would be basically listing
which pages the image appears on through the template. (I hope this is not so
complicated to apply as was to write here) Or visually:

  • [[Template:Foo]]
    • [[Foobar]]
    • [[Barfoo]]
  • [[Blah]]

where Foobar and Barfoo are pages that contain the template Foo and the image in
question within it.

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Severity: enhancement
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djevrek wrote:

Whis will be very good. This is like in What links here with redirect link.

gangleri wrote:

Should this cover also inclusions from other namespaces?

Some wiki's might use such inclusions.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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