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Please enable $wgContentHandlerUseDB at Bengali Wikisource
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Please enable $wgContentHandlerUseDB at Bengali Wikisource.

When I import to bnws one Module: from enws, I found one error

Can't save non-default content model with $wgContentHandlerUseDB disabled: model is wikitext, default for Module:Namespace_detect is Scribunto

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Enabling $wgContentHandlerUseDB isn't a simple task (big schema changes)

You should be able to import Modules without it, so I'm thinking something else is wrong

yes my import task complete with successfully, I cant find any kind of wrong anywhere in BNWS, I have just reported here because I found that. You can understand the message.

There is also bug 62780 that is very similar.