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Change Sanskrit transliteration rules
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Hi I am from sa.wikipedia. I am a editor of that project. From some months there are some problem we facing. I hope in that you will help me.

  1. Language written style changed by the wikimedian admin.
  2. After that change we have problem in writing.

ex. ऎ ॆ later we were right by E । but now we writing with e । ए े later we were right by e । but now we writing with E । ऒ ॊ later we were right by o था । but now we writing with O । ओ ो later we were right by o । but now we writing with O ।

This problem may be small front of you. For us it is the main problem to manage wikipedia. because every new users are doing same mistake all the time. and we have to remove that or rename that in same time. Some users are writing so many pages and in all they made this only mistake. so how long we have to follow the new users and before we know they write so much then who will correct that?

If you have so many works and some important works only you are doing so please please do this work first. because daily a new user doing same mistake. Thank you...

you can talk with me on this

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Thanks for your bug report!


  1. Which Sanskrit keyboard it is?
  1. Do you've community discussion about swapping e/E and o/O output for it? Please point me to that to avoid confusion/conflict in future.

I don't see any changes in the transliteration keyboard. Neither upstream, nor local. So I'm not sure that I understand what is this bug about.

When did it change?

Thanks for the attachment, Nehal.

This chart has two sides: 1 and 2. Which side should be on the Sanskrit Wikipedia?

left side on top there is 1 in yellow color and right side 2 in yellow color...

(In reply to NehalDaveND from comment #7)

left side on top there is 1 in yellow color and right side 2 in yellow

OK, but which one should be used in the Sanskrit Wikipedia?

No 1 should use and no 2 is useless.

sorry I am explaining in detail.

first thing in that image have two parts. number 1 (left side) and number 2 (right side). Now we are facing problem with script that is number 2(right side). but we want to changes and those changes are denoted in image number 1(left side). in short old one is number 2 and new one is number 1.

I am going out of state for few days. so I can't respond you after 19/4/2014. Now you are changing in comments and I can replay you. but after 19/4 I will not be here.

I know you are so busy and doing this work in hard time. That's why I want that any information you want from us some one give you. so your time will not weast. Please after 19/4 talk with Shubha. Who is our admin. this is link....

Thank you for help............

L10N team: Is more info needed from NehalDaveND?

Please after 19/4 talk with Shubha

NehalDaveND: You are welcome to CC Shubha here on this ticket.

Isn't this report about ULS? Why is it in the MediaWiki → Internationalization component?

Hi I want to know that is there any programming fault or other please inform me... Thank you for help...

L10N team, Amir: Anything blocking here?

I don't understand what what you want to say? please elaborate ?

(In reply to Andre Klapper from comment #15)

L10N team, Amir: Anything blocking here?

No blockers - it's just that all of us were traveling. I hope to do it some time soon.

We need help with the suggestions that have been given to us on Bugzilla and on the Talk page.

As per Nehal's suggestion on Bugzilla[1], the mapping should be:

e = ए
E = ऍ
ai = ऎ

o = ओ
O = ऑ
au = औ

and the Talk page [2] suggests:

e - ए
E - ऎ
o - ओ
O - ऒ

Please note there are discrepancies in the characters suggested for E, O and also the additional characters on 'ai' and 'au'. Can someone please give us a very specific list of characters and the keys on which they are to be mapped.



I am explaining to you this. ऒ ऎ etc.. useless in sanskrit language. but some time adopting english words like Dr. we can write डॉ that's why I wrote that. That is for usefull for every one. Thank you for helping...

(In reply to NehalDaveND from comment #20)

please see this... we want like this

As per comment #9 you mention that the mappings as per the image on the left is to be used. So to confirm, you are asking for the mapping to be:

e = ए
E = ऍ
ai = ऎ

o = ओ
O = ऑ
au = औ

Please let me know so that I can make the changes and prepare it for testing. Thanks.


I just want to make one thing clear here.
For ai you have mentioned ऎ - may be by mistake. It is ऐ (that the line above must be straight.)
Hope my words are clear. Thanks.

Hi there is ready script for testing?

The changes are ready for testing here:

Please confirm if things look ok. Thanks.

I have seen and use this script. First of all thank you for help. This is very important for sa.wikipedia. In this script every thing is good, but I want some more changes in this script like ज्ञ त्र क्ष श्र द्य I want to add on number keys or symbol keys. so today before 3 p.m. I will tell you were we want to change. Once again thank you...

Hi Runaji, I want to inform you that test script is accepted by other user also. so we can apply this script on sa.wikipedia. but before that I want more help from you. We sa.wikipedia editors and admin want add shortcut keys of ज्ञ त्र क्ष श्र in our script. If this is possible, then please do for us those changes. you can see here for more detail...विकिपीडिया:विचारमण्डपम्_(तान्त्रिककार्यम्)#ज्ञ त्र क्ष श्र इत्येषां कृते short key.....

Please confirm if the following 5 are the only mappings that have been supported in the discussion at sa.wikipedia:

shift+4 = द्य
shift+5 = ज्ञ
shift+6 = त्र
shift+7 = क्ष
shift+8 = श्र

are there any other rule changes that are required?

no there are no other rules for us... this is ultimate thing which we want... Thank you..

Hi sorry f this late information ...

shift+4 = द्य
shift+5 = ज्ञ
shift+6 = त्र
shift+7 = क्ष
shift+8 = श्र

we want this change definitely. But there is some more changes ...

  1. in present script f = फ़् , but that should be फ् that is

Sorry previous one was half....

shift+4 = द्य
shift+5 = ज्ञ
shift+6 = त्र
shift+7 = क्ष
shift+8 = श्र

we want these changes definitely. But there is some more changes ...

  1. in present script f = फ़् , but that should be फ् I think you can see difference ?

फ़् X फ् the first one has dot . and that is not true फ्

  1. With help of ~ symbols in devnagari keyboard shift+ = ् this letter can be typed. but more users can't understand this thing. so without shift we want ` this latter for ् this is in devnagri.
  1. ज़ this dot system is not in whole sanskrit language. that's why we want to remove that from sanskrit keyboard. this dot typed by ` this symbol.

so conclusion is...

1 change फ़् with फ्

2 remove dot ज़ from sanskrit script. (ज is only example. dot is main ज़ क़ ड़) etc..

3 put ્ this symbol on ` this symbol.

Thank you. I think you help a lot, Thank you very much......

I have test this and thank you for do this for us. some more changes are there ...

  1. Q = क़्, shift+Q = Q We don't want this क़् In our script and if you remove Q than it will be batter.
  1. shift+z = ज़्, z = ज़् We don't want this also so please remove it.
  1. k+ = क़् I think this is good for us to type = ् but if you type k and after that type ` than it becomes क़् which is not true. so please remove that dot from Sanskrit script. It will not use dot ever.

Thank you for help....

Sorry for this unwanted previous comment. I want to clear here please keep changes community will give answer so shortly. After that I will tell you everything in detail. see here for more positive comments. Thank you for help..

This ticket is a bit hard to follow, due to several "And please also change something more" comments. If possible, please gather very clear community feedback on the exact changes wanted, and then post one complete comment here listing and explaining all these changes. Thanks for your understanding!

sorry that is my mistake. my English is not so good some time my sentences are so bad but after this I will make sure for that proper word use.
After community decides we will write here prober needs our. Sorry again and thank you for help....

Hi there are some different opinions in our community. so please do more changes for this script. now there is k+ = क़् can type but if after this क़् you type a than it becames क़्अ which is wrong. If after k+ type if someone type a than word should be क़ . so please change regarding this problem.

if this is not possible then put that dot on ~ key. means ` = ् and ~ = ़

After you will change this, than our community will be clear for other change. Our all opinions are based on this change. after this change we have not to discuss so much and ultimate decision will be taken by community.

sorry for this trouble but after this change most problems will be destroyed regarding script layout. Thank you for help...

I am very confused now about what the community wants and what is being asked by Nehal.

Shubha/Nehal, can you please confirm if the only changes request right now are the following and nothing else?

e = ए
E = ऍ
ai = ऐ

o = ओ
O = ऑ
au = औ

If that is an yes, then I recommend that this bug be closed with this change and a new bug opened when the community reaches an agreement and has a final list of changes that they want. Thanks

I am really sorry for all that has happened here.
The answer for your question is YES.
Please do the above change and close this.
Thanks a lot for your patience and kindness.

Changes as per comment 40 has been committed:

Can be seen here:

For all the other changes that Nehal is putting together, I request a new bug to be created so that the current changes can be merged and made available for use without delay.

New pull request after review of the earlier by Kartik Mistry:

Runaji we used this script on this place. Thank you for help. Please guide us how it can be implement on sa.wikipedia...

Change 135738 had a related patch set uploaded by KartikMistry:
Update jquery.ime from upstream

Change 135738 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update jquery.ime from upstream

Hi ! I think you updated script but we can't use that on so please guide us for implementation that script thank you.......