Pages listing the articles on which a given author is cited, determined by their ORCID identifier


Author: andy

An ORCID identifier [1] is like an ISBN or DOI for a person. We're discussing [2] adding them to citations on en.Wikipedia, and would encourage sister projects to do likewise.

It is proposed to link such citations to a page, similar to 'Special:BookSources', called 'Special:ORCID', which would link to the corresponding page on the ORCID website [3], and to all the articles on the given Wiki which have citations that include the specified ORCID. (A mock-up is available [4].)

This bug is to request the provision of a 'Special:ORCID' facility.





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Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement

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andy wrote:

For a given ORCID identifier, the author name can be retrieved using the ORCID API.

In the short term, while a way to compile the list of articles is considered, a page just giving the name and a link would be an acceptable interim solution.

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See bug 53348 Once thats implemented this could just tag onto that

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andy wrote:

I've added hCard microformat [1] markup to the mockup page, for added semantic richness.

Where the person identified is the subject of a Wikipedia article, we should include a link to that (or to a Reasonator page [2], if there is no article in the user's preferred language).

The existence of a Wikipedia article can be detected by looking for the ORCID in Wikidata (P496, [3])); in future it may be available via the ORCID API.


[2] e.g.


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