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Provide search operator "is:mergeable" in Gerrit
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According to, Gerrit 2.9 introduces the search operator "is:mergeable" which indicates whether a changeset needs a manual rebase or not. This would allow for easy searches for "all changesets that I need to rebase".

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Until then a short script to determine whether a branch is rebaseable according to Gerrit:

COMMITID="$(git log -1 --format=format:%B "$1"sed -ne 's/^Change-Id: //p;')"
MERGEABLE="$(curl -s "$COMMITID"sed -e 1djq '.mergeable')"
if [ "true" = "$MERGEABLE" ]; then
exit 0
if [ "false" = "$MERGEABLE" ]; then
exit 1
echo "Unknown result: $MERGEABLE"
exit 2
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This is a thing now.