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GlobeCoordinateValue.precision is allowed to be null but validated as not null
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Author: christian.dullweber

WikibaseDataTypeBuilders::buildCoordinateType creates a validator for precision that only accepts float and integer but there are Item with precision=null and the GlobeCoordinateValue allows precision to be null.

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Severity: normal
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Said validator is still in place in ValidatorBuilders::buildCoordinateValidators.

The fact that a validator applies more restrictions than the data type implementation is not surprising. This is basically the point of having separate validators. For example, string values are restricted in length even if the StringValue type does not have any length limitation. Similar for calendar models, globes, and precisions.

I'm closing this ticket for now because it does not describe a use-case that is actually broken, an expected behavior, or something. Is the issue that there are null values in the database? Are there actual requests to add this nullable feature to the UI?

Not long ago I worked on the UI portion of this issue as part of T109455, see