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GWToolset silently wraps some fields into MediaWiki templates, which is problematic
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The GWToolset silently wraps the content of Institution field in {{Institution:}} and artist in {{Creator:}}.

This is problematic because:

1/ It does not say so, which is surprising for the user who might not expect to see red templates on the results page (as said templates will probably not exist).

2/ It is sometimes uncalled for. Artist might be values not appropriate for Creator templates like "Unknown", or a local craftsman.

Not sure what the best way forward is. At the very least this should be documented on the interface (I can submit a patch for that).
Tickbox to wrap the field (or to not wrap it for that matter)?

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Change 133041 had a related patch set uploaded by Dan-nl:
Make template wrapping optional.

Change 133041 abandoned by Dan-nl:
Make template wrapping optional

having a problem merging and the two are related so will put them into one patch instead.

Created attachment 15397
test metadataset


Created attachment 15398
test metadata mapping


This is an important bug: it is still impossible to use a simple author-field (without template). Hansmuller

the patch has been deployed to production. are you okay with closing this bug now?

Yes, the GWToolset now gives the option to not wrap. Closing as fixed.

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