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case variants are prioritized over redirects for the exact seach term
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If there exists a redirect page for the exact search term, but also a non-redirect page with different capitalization, the latter is what you get when you put that term in the search box and press enter.

For example, on English Wikipedia, [[Koan]] is a redirect to [[Kōan]]. However, if I put "koan" into the search box and press enter, I end up at the page [[KOAN]]. If a redirect page that exactly matches the search input exists, this should always have a higher priority than a page with different capitalization.

(I been having frustrations with the way redirects are handled by search for a while now, but the precise problem never crystalized for me until now.)

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Moving to CirrusSearch component because lsearchd is end of line and won't really be getting any love. CirrusSearch has the same bug right now but it already has inteligence around picking the right match when you hit enter so it should be possible to get it working.

By working I mean that Cirrus will try a few transformations, see if any of then find the best result, and if none of them find a single best result it'll bounce the user to the search results page.

I imagine in this particular case we can get Cirrus to drop the user on [[Kōan]] via the redirect. Because it the redirect a clear winner for the "titlecase" rule.

Change 127700 had a related patch set uploaded by Manybubbles:
Improvements to near match resolution

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Improvements to near match resolution