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mmv dialog Embed panel glitches
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Multimedia Viewer Share this file Embed panel glitches

Choose Multimedia Viewer > Share this file > Embed > HTML.

  1. The textarea is slightly too small to show its contents so a scrollbar appears (and in Firefox I can't resize it unlike other textareas). There's plenty of room below "Original size" drop down
  1. "Use this code to embed the file" reads out of order, "this" normally refers to what comes after, it's more a label for the textarea. So it should go above the textarea.
  1. The gradient styling for [Wikitext|HTML] is jarring. Agora button group FTW :) , it probably needs some work. I think Pau Giner has designs for it.

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The first point is bug 67835 and bug 70915. Opened bug 70990 about the third point.

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Mass-removing the Multimedia tag from MediaViewer tasks, as this is now being worked on by the Reading department, not Editing's Multimedia team.

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