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Translation from (MediaWiki:View-foreign/nl) don't show
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The translation from in Dutch ( don't show on the relevant pages while it definitely should.

See for example - it says "View on Wikimedia Commons" while all other buttons are in Dutch. I could temporarily create a MediaWiki page on but I would like to ask you to fix this please. :)

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First, I could not reproduce the problem. I correctly got the message in several languages that I choose, including Dutch both as the browser selected default and the uselang= language.

Second, thinking about a stale cached version of the page which meanwhile should have been refreshed, or transport from to the WMF server cluster haven taken unusually long, I tried action=purge.

Since, I experience the same problem. Not only in Dutch, though. With "uselang=fa" I get "view on $1" message (and almost everything elsee) correctly in Persian but the "edit" link next to it in Dutch, as well as several personal bar items and some sidebar items, all of which are common and certainly exist in Persion as well. Other sidebar items appear in English which are maybe local to nlwiki and were not translated to Persian locally.

Looks to me like a cache or a cache server not updating properly.

Not sure if it has any bearing, but the tabs try vector-view-foreign before view-foreign.

Look like translations made after 9th of April are not in the localisation cache. Perhaps there is some issue with new messages and localisation update.

On I can see Dutch translations, but not Bengali, which was made just a couple of days ago.

bd808 added a comment.Apr 29 2014, 3:15 PM

(In reply to Nemo from comment #3) :

Does this fix or explain bug 64230?

That particular scap bug/fix wouldn't be the problem here. That problematic code was introduced to production last Friday and would only affect a Thursday branch release. I caught it in local testing before it caused a production deploy issue.

bd808 added a comment.Apr 29 2014, 4:52 PM

I tried to reproduce using the methodology from comment #1 but was unable to get the untranslated content even after a purge. I'm not sure this means that this is "fixed" or that there is a continuing issue that has been "fixed" for this test case by a full scap that contained the localization data.

"nl" seems to work now, but not "nb":

It was translated April 17th.

Bryan: Do you plan to investigate further here? :-/

bd808 added a comment.May 5 2014, 4:17 PM

(In reply to Dan Michael Heggø from comment #6)

"nl" seems to work now, but not "nb":

It was translated April 17th.

I am no longer able to reproduce this case either. Since Dan's report however I know that a full scap (weekly new branch deploy) was done and nowiki moved from 1.24wmf1 to 1.24wmf2. Running scap attempts to update all l10n cache files across the cluster and the branch switch would have changed to a different set of cache files as well.

(In reply to Andre Klapper from comment #7)

Bryan: Do you plan to investigate further here? :-/

Unfortunately each time I have tried to verify this bug the test cases given have been resolved. In general tracking down the root cause of a localization cache issue has proven to be difficult (at least for me) in the past.

I couldn't reproduce the problem that is described in the description. The whole page is translated to Dutch.

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This looks like a l10nupdate issue, which has since been fixed for the specific case but is still present in other forms and tracked at other reports.

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