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Warns about nonexistent edit conflicts
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Not sure if related to bug 55392.
IP user on it.wp reports what follows:
he edited multiple times.

First edit, an edit conflict notice came up.
He tried to solve that, but there were no actual differences. At that point, although he didn't save, he noticed his edit had already been saved in the history.
Second edit, nothing to report.
Third edit, same thing as the first one.

Firefox 28.0, Win7, Vector.

I didn't try to reproduce.

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Severity: normal
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I think (hope) that this was fixed in the fixes to edit conflict code a few weeks ago.

I got this issue today again, while I was trying to add a new section in edit source mode.But could not reproduce it later.But this is the second time I experienced this issue following the same steps.

Created attachment 15537

Again, reproduced on test2, screenshot attached.Reopening the bug.


Screen_Shot_2014-05-30_at_12.22.40_PM.png (515×1 px, 155 KB)

In edit source mode? Is this a VE bug?

Yes, the edit conflict warning appears in the edit source mode , not in VE .

Okay, I will move this to the MediaWiki product of BZ then.

Copying in Adam who was active in this code area recently – ideas about a regression?

This would be the first I've heard of a new regression. I've tried to leave the edit conflict code functionally unchanged with my recent patches, and the first report predates any work I've done.

I do know there are lots of unpleasant ways that edit conflicts can fail at the moment, silently losing changes being the worst. The reported conflict behavior doesn't sound familiar however, so I'll leave this bug open.

Currently, I'm focusing on adding log instrumentation so that we are able to better diagnose this sort of thing.

This happens to me everyday atleast once in a new login session, when I first time try to save something from Edit Source mode.

We probably need a tracking bug for edit conflicts issues here.

Who does a tracking bug exactly help and which problem does it solve?
Why is searching for "edit conflict" not sufficient? produces an error message claiming that an edit conflict exists.

However, the only later edit to the article was on a different line, so how can an edit conflict exist? The error message must be erroneous.