Handle edit conflicts on the mobile app in some way
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Currently, the app silently saves and writes over other edit without notifying about conflict.

example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special:diff/795380478

Version: Android App 2.6.201-beta-2017-08-10 (but it's been broken a while before that)


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Currently we just ignore Edit Conflicts and just overwrite the conflicting edit. This is 'bad' and we should get to have some way of both:

  1. Letting the user know that a conflict has occured
  2. Some way of resolving it
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Don't panic! This is a normal priority issue. :-)

How is this just normal priority?

@Krenair We're focussing on reading and not actively supporting editing right now, and also this is a nontrivial issue to fix.

Honestly I don't see why clients should even be allowed to just ignore conflict detection like this. Perhaps it's an upstream MediaWiki-API issue.

Hi Guys,

IMHO this is a serious show-stopper. It is very embarassing to commit an edit conflict without even being noticed.
Please implement at least a simple fix soon, like showing a message like "Sorry, your edit cannot be saved because the page has been edited by another user". Possibly give the user a chance to copy their own text into system clipboard, but even completely throwing away the user's edit is better than an unnoticed edit conflict. Sophisticated stuff like merging text may be implemented later ...

This happened using Android 2.1.141-fdroid: https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Benutzer_Diskussion:MeraVagahau&diff=153104970&oldid=153104896

No progress here since 2014? IMHO it's irresponsible to keep the application like this. If you can't fix it, please disable editing in the mobile app completely.

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Just adding a comment to (hopefully) give this more relevance.

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Don't panic! This is a normal priority issue. :-)

@Deskana no, this is absolutely not normal priority.

I'll defer to others on getting this more perfect/polished but for now at least making it fail instead of silently clobber other's changes without telling anyone that there was an edit conflict is IMHO high/UBN.