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Documentation microtasks for newcomers
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Description would benefit from a Documentation section that we could use at least in the context of Google Code-in, and also in the search of a tech-writer.

The latter is a bit urgent, since the job opening is being published as we speak. Just a few tasks and/or a clonable task would be enough to get started.

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Only seven items listed right now; I guess folks could mark more doc tasks as "easy"...

@Aklapper, this is what I'm proposing as tests / microtasks for Technical Writer candidates (feel free borrowing / adapting any of this for Annoying Little Bugs):

We are looking for a self-driven Technical Writer who adheres to the wikimedian motto "Be Bold", and who is not afraid to ask and leave a public trace in community spaces. Pick one or more of the following tasks:

Hint: several small improvements are preferred to one big change.

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Cool test, working on them right now, I do not know about the deadline though.

Hi! You decide the deadline. This is not a game of speed.