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mobileview fails on content pages redirecting to special pages
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returns {"servedby":"mw1125","error":{"code":"internal_api_error_MWException","info":"Exception Caught: Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given.","*":""}} because the page in question, , is a redirect to Special:Contributions/Purplebackpack89.

Suggestions what to return in such cases are welcome.

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Severity: normal



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bingle-admin wrote:

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<YuviPanda> MaxSem: ah, right. redirect: "Special:Contributions/something", special: true
<YuviPanda> ?
<YuviPanda> MaxSem: similar to mainpage: ""
<YuviPanda> MaxSem: in fact a general "specialpage": "" would be useful as well, I think

jgonera wrote:

Max, not sure what are the steps to reproduce the bug. If I go to the mobile version of everything seems to be fine.

Max it would be great if the api could return a link to the special page or even better return something akin to
redirect: 'Special:X'
so the caller can take care of it.

From mobile web perspective it's not a big deal - any requests for pages that return errors will be redirected to via the address bar so you probably at very least want to stop the exception being thrown! :)

Juliusz: the error is in the API response not the web page.

Change 133866 had a related patch set uploaded by MaxSem:
mobileview: handle pages redirecting to special/media

Change 133866 merged by jenkins-bot:
mobileview: handle pages redirecting to special/media