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last updated notice should be removed upon clicking Edit Title
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last updated looks funny, would be better removed completely

As a logged in user on beta labs, on page

click the three dots, click Edit Title

the green Change Title button is partly transparent, and the last updated notice seems to lie partly under and partly outside the Change Title button, see screen shot

(note that this is why the edit_existing.feature browser test fails for Chrome ( Chrome gets picky about z-index even when Chrome doesn't really understand the situation very well. The W3C is actually working on defining proper behavior for this)

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also notice that as you move the cursor over the part of flow-datestamp element that appears to be "under" the Change Title button, it causes the flow-datestamp to shift from 'minutes ago' to a time value, as if the flow-datestamp element were "above" the Change Title button instead of "below"

Change 129236 had a related patch set uploaded by Spage:
Fix timestamp position in topic container

Change 129236 merged by Spage:
Fix timestamp position in topic container

The datestamp no longer overlaps and shouldn't cause problems with "Edit an existing title" test on chrome. should be back to 1 error (the "Edit existing post" problem.)

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