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Ability to subscribe for delivery to a specific page section (replacing existing content)
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Users should be able to specify the number of a talk page section when subscribing, which Massmessage then overwrites with the new content instead of adding a new section (&action=edit&section=x instead of action=edit&section=new ).

This is useful for people who don't like their user talk page filling up with old newsletter issues. It would also enable the use of MassMessage to fill the "subscription templates" which are popular e.g. for the Signpost on enwiki (see this and other examples at ), just showing the current issue of a newsletter. With the added benefit that one can choose to watchlist that template to get notified about new issues - on the local project too, but in a more lightweight way.

It is something we already discussed previously for EdwardsBot/Global Message Delivery, but I haven't seen a MassMessage bug for it yet.

GiftBot, which delivers mass messages on the German Wikipedia, has been offering such feature for a long time. One can see the format for the subscription list at :

"{{/Abschnitt|1}}" there means that the bot will post on section ("Abschnitt") 1 of the given page. And the option is quite popular - right now, 52 subscribers on that list have selected it.

In practice it looks like this:

See Also: T94009: MassMessage - request to insert as first section



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Similar enough to T211158 that there is likely to be some overlap in the code to implement this.