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Global namespace (looks local, lives centrally)
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Allow a number of wikis to share a "content" namespace with wikitext. The namespace would:

  1. look local:
    1. browsable, readable as a local namespace for all purposes,
    2. editable without leaving your wiki (either by shared DB table or remote editing via CORS);
  2. live centrally:
    1. on an actual wiki or just a database without its own interface,
    2. as long as any update is immediately reflected on all consumers.

Example of possible use cases:

Proposal by Rd232 at «a Meta: namespace which is accessible across all Wikimedia projects (in the same way that Commons files are accessible everywhere in the File: namespace) [...] home on another coordinating wiki, with which it can then share templates. [...] it's like InstantCommons, so we can call it InstantMeta [...]».

Note that the requirements are very different from bug 4547, which is about a) fetching, b) wikitext c) for local parsing (typically templates).

To be clear, I don't think this is ever going to happen. :)

Cf. Tim Starling on a similar proposal for files, «I don't know what that would technically look like».

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We could also share multiligual modules, like for references.
See also T52329, T41610.

If a module with the same name exists also in a "small" local or in a test wiki, we can use it to test some debug or enhancement before globalize it.
How to select if a new local module is centralizable or not ?

Another question: a global module can be monolingual or multilingual. How to select in which languages globalize it?