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Track usage of each value (or property) of an entity
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Bot operators are currently marking imported data from the Wikipedias with "imported from:Wikipedia X" as a reference/source for the claim.

This method has a strong opposition:

A more relevant information would be to show on which sites the statement value is being used, because:
a) it is roughly equivalent to "imported from", but always up-to-date
b) it gives a good overview of which sites are using which data
c) it switches the mindset from "unidirectional data imports" to "import data and use it"

A way to show this information could be with a section similar to "X sources" but called "X uses". On expansion, it would show which sites are using the value.


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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 47288 ***

This bug report was supposed to be for the UI frontend... well, nevermind.

I think there is value in this UI enhancement, but some mockups of the UI for real examples is needed (of current and expected property usage) to see whether this can be done without "X uses" becoming a section suffering from information overload.

One approach is to track usage by recording 'module:' pages which use the property. e.g. 'Module:Taxobox'

Guys let's please keep this closed. This is covered in the other bug. Any bug that is open but doesn't have to be makes it harder to actually see the important ones.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 47288 ***