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Move accessKeyLabel() out of mediawiki.util
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mediawiki.util has a function
updateTooltipAccessKeys and addPortletLink

The minerva skin has no concept of portlets
The dependency jquery.accessKeyLabel is thus unnecessary

I'd suggest separating this functionality out into:
which extends the mediawiki util object to have this functionality.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: enhancement



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Actually, it should probably be more of an api, that is implemented in the various skins JS, to reliably add 'navigation entries' to 'navigation blocks'.

Yeah, that should be part of a hypothetical 'mediawiki.currentSkin' module (which skins would somehow extend).

Yes!! This sounds like a good approach :)

Possibly related to bug 23515.

See also (bug 26799) Restrict mediawiki.util to general JavaScript utilities only.

This should probably be moved to a mw.Skin module. However, regardless of what Minerva will and will not support, this module must always implement addPortletLink. The implementation can change dynamically based on skin (it would be exposed through one canonical interface), but the programmatic interface must be reliable for gadgets.

Minerva's implementation would replace the function with a no-op, and not have a dependency on accessKeyLabel.

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mw.util.accessKeyLabel() has been deprecated in favour of jquery.accessKeyLabel which skins can use directly.

The broader overhaul and possible introduction of or is covered by T28799.